Ben (full name Valecroft Ben Hur) was Dr. Suze's border collie friend for almost 15 years.

Our logo is his memory - it comes from a photo of Ben taken the year he passed away.

Born in The Newforest, United Kingdom, he started life as a surprise high school graduation & birthday present/replacement child. His border collie IQ allowed Ben to jump straight to tertiary education with his new companion human. During his time at university he gained notoriety, including being wanted for vandalising Bristol Vet School property.


He graduated in 2007 and set sail for the Isle of Man. Realising he missed the uni life he went back to university in Sheffield for his second degree, this time in the care of Dr. Suze's brother, where he definitely caught the travel bug. In 2012, after surviving quarantine, he found himself in the Australian outback. Here he braved everyday Aussie threats such as crocodiles and cyclones. In 2014 he headed to the big smoke of Sydney but it was love that bought him to his final resting place of Melbourne.


Ben was many things: best friend, bodyguard, world class fielder, the third child... the favourite child? He is sorely missed but as much as we wish we could hear your morning tap dance for many years to come, it couldn't be that way forever.


Ben was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer in 2016. A decision was made to give him the most comfortable goodbye possible, by having a veterinary friend visit to allow him to fall asleep for the last time in his favourite place - home.

It was clearly the right choice.

He passed away peacefully in his favourite spot at home, surrounded by family and friends, 

knowing that he was loved by many across the world.

Little did Ben know he would one day inspire the formation of a visiting vet service...

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